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No smoke & mirrors here.

Naaman’s started in the early 80’s with a geniune passion for barbecue.  Owner Darby Neaves discovered his love for steaks as a teenager, when he taught himself how to cook and smoke and the passion only grew from there.  Darby has spent the last 40 years perfecting his definition of barbecue.  


In 2012, Naaman’s was made official.  A small food truck parked along the main drag in Ashdown, Arkansas quickly became a local attraction.  By this time, Darby has all but mastered the brisket, beef rib, and porterhouse.  To round out his menu, he added in chicken breast and smoked sausage along with a variety of now-infamous sides like meat-in-the-beans or cheesy corn.  Each of the sides that accompany the meat is just about as impressive as the entrée itself.


Just about a year later, Darby and company have outgrown their location in southwest Arkansas and move in to Texarkana.  The first brick and mortar building for Naaman’s was an experience in itself – full of eclectic items and local momentos.  Every wall and corner had its own story, like a memory book met a fever dream.  Naaman’s was catching on, and people were talking about the quality of the experience (and the food).  In 2019, Naaman’s moved into the place it calls home - a short hop across the state line and back into Arkansas.  


“The Naaman’s family are amazing people that care about their work and the experience our customers have,” Darby proudly states.  “We buy high quality ingredients, and assemble them the same way, everytime.  We don’t put anything on the menu until we believe it’s the best for the Four States area.  You won’t find these flavor profiles anywhere else.”


In 2022, Darby has expanded his menu well beyond steak and ribs, though these quality cuts remain the cornerstone in Naaman’s quality experience.  These days, you can find entrees like Chicken Fried Steak, Naaman’s Sausage Wraps, Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad, Brisket Tacos, and plenty more.  Sides like fan favorite adult mac-n-cheese and green beans, potato salad, coleslaw and more are a perfect compliment to thick cut pork chops, mesquite smoked Salmon filet, or sliced Brisket. 


If you enjoy a refined experience, Naaman’s has a lounge piano in back where you can sit and listen on weekend evenings while you enjoy handcrafted cocktails from the bar.  If you stay for dessert, you can’t miss the Peach Cobbler.

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